• ISEAGE 2.0: IPV6 support

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    cpre 491 (Senior Design)

  • Date

    2021, September

  • Time Taken

    In Progress


The goal of this project is to implement IPV6 support to ISEAGE (Internet Scale Event and Attack Generation Environment). In addition, we will develop a scenario for a spring Virtual CDC, ISU will be hosting this event for universities in Kosovo. The Clients for this project are Dr. Doug Jacobson and Dr. Julie Rursch of ISU cyber engineering. My Role in the project is the project owner tasked with managing client interaction and design requirement changes from the clients. I will also work to develop solutions for the software and systems involved with successfully completing this project. Skills that will be developed while working on this project are in virtualization, networking, and C programming. My primary contributions to this project will be in virtualization and networking as they are my primary areas of interest. Big picutre this project will allow for better education of cybersecurity engineers because there are serveral attacks that cannot be proformed in ISEAGE becasue of its lack of IPV6 support.
Support documentation for ISEAGE can be found at ISERINK setup docs and ISERINK overview.